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Johnson city business coach
Johnson city business coach

It’s no big secret that it costs a ton less to keep a client than to acquire a new client. Further, to keep a current client happy is much less harder than we assume.

The minute you gain a client, your competition gains a prospect

In order for you to make your life easier, you need to get better at the “Buy- Again” principals of customer service. In fact the term “customer service” is misleading. You’re supposed to serve the customer, but it is when you give them not simply what they want, but you exceed that price is not the issue as well as marketing.

Case Study: McDonalds has ruled the roost for fast food for many years, but Chik Fil A has recently taken a big chunk of their business. Granted, I prefer the food from Chik Fil A, but I willingly pay much more (about 25-30% more) for Chik fil A not just because of the flavor of their food (I like the chain Zaxby’s just as much, but will not go to them, despite them being right next door to each other).

Fact: Getting a client in once is hard in today’s economy. Getting them in a second time should be easier. The strategy i use is typically 5 steps (which begins when you lay out your marketing plan. If you wait until they buy from you, you have waited too long).

Forming a strategy to retain your clients is the first step in your process. Finding a way to measure and to account are the hard steps and hiring a Johnson City Business Coach who has done this for others and can do it for you may be the best place to start.

Rick Brewer has worked one on one with hundreds of businesses around the country and isn’t just limited to being a┬áJohnson city business coach. Give Rick a call to have a chat and see if there is a match with the both of you working to take your business to the next level.