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What does It involve to have a business coach

by | Jun 11, 2016 |

Some businesses think that all a business coach does is point out the problems and send their bill for being obvious. I can’t speak for you, but I wouldn’t be interested in that. In working with hundreds of businesses as a business coach, I have refined a process which gets to the heart of the problem pretty quickly. Here is what typically happens:

First- We meet to discover more about your business. I ask you about 30 questions and try to find out not just about your business, but the people behind it.

Second– After we figure out where the low hanging fruit is that when fixed, will bring in the biggest profits the quickest, we work together to figure out if or how this match goes forward. This is where we talk about that dreaded topic- Money. Many times people will assume they know how much something costs and the “how much do you charge” question is the first asked. In order for me to give you an accurate quote, I first need to know what is going into the job which is why we meet.

Third – Assuming we’re going forward, we have a longer meeting to figure out the monetary geography (where you are financially and where you want to go). This initial meeting is to create a game plan and usually takes 3-4 hours and is face to face (the face to face method of working together is the most effective, though sometimes we will be able to meet over the phone or via the internet).

Fourth РRick will provide you with an analysis and a written strategy that you can adjust  or we can start working on. This strategy again will come from our previous meeting and will only be as strong as the information you give. In other words, if you hold back, it will be hard if not impossible to fully be effective in coaching you in your business if you are not forthright.

This is a basic layout of the strategy that has worked in the past, but Rick will reserve the right to go in the best direction for you and your business to get you to the highest profits as quick as he can. Hiring a tri cities business coach is the first step to accelerating the results you are looking for.