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business coach in Johnson City

Business coach in Johnson City

There are many different definitions and understandings about what marketing is. Let’s pretend that we agreed that Marketing is whatever you do (advertise, get the word out, stand by the side of the road with a sign, etc…) that gets a person to move closer to doing business with you. Without marketing, you would be hard pressed to stay in business.

“If your marketing isn’t working….neither are you”

For your marketing to be effecting, it needs to speak to your clients needs. Unfortunately, there is much more to marketing that putting an ad someplace. The proper message on the right medium with the right mojo that is properly measured is the formula that works best.

Business coach in Johnson City

Case Study: Pretend for a minute you have a friend named Joe. Joe has the best Chicken recipe you have ever had. People look forward to parties that Joe will be at because you will get to eat his amazing chicken. After hearing all his friends and family tell him that this chicken is better than any restaurant, Joe decides to start “Joe’s Chicken”. Joe cashes in his 401K, finds a great place and signs a 3 year lease, leases a ton of kitchen equipment and starts the build out. As you can imagine, the build out takes an extra month (usually something always happens that takes you more time). Joe goes over budget so when the grand opening opening comes 2 months later than planned, Joe is tapped out. Now Joe gets hit with three people a day trying to sell him advertising, but unfortunately, he is out of money. The biggest sadness is that Joe has the best chicken in town and a beautiful new location, but no customers.

This scenario is not just something that is played out with restaurants, but is a problem with most small businesses. Further, the small business doesn’t know how to buy, so they spend $5000 on a new website, a ton on a radio campaign, etc… Whether you’re starting a construction business, or starting an insurance agency, the principles of marketing apply.

“If you had to choose between doing without electricity or doing without marketing, choose to lose the electricity because if you absolutely had to you can run your business without electricity, but you can’t without customers.”

The strength of your business depends on the effectiveness of your marketing. This does not infer that you have to rob a bank to start your marketing fund (in fact, these days some of the most effective marketing is also the cheapest Hint: it’s not typically social media). Keeping your foot on the gas with your marketing will many times give you the results you want. To accelerate these results, hiring a business consultant who can give you experience and a highly trained set of eyes and ears is a solution that usually not just makes you money, but also saves you money from the advertising that do not work.

Rick Brewer is a business coach in Johnson City Tennessee who has coached over 800 businesses to higher levels. Rick has a firm understanding of the topics of marketing and selling, is an author and speaker (to over 260 groups nationwide) and has settled down with his family in Elizabethton. If you are looking for a business coach in Johnson city, Kingsport, Greeneville or anywhere in the Tri-Cities Tennessee area, schedule an appointment with Rick and see if there are ways to take you and your business to the next level.