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Sales training Kingsport
Sales training Kingsport

There are many people who say “I can’t sell” or “I hate to sell” yet they have to as part of the buying process of their product or service. fact is nobody likes to be “sold” yet people still have to buy. This is not a dilemma if you simply adjust your approach. Your approach needs to be one of persuasion not of manipulation or begging (which by the way, most of the old sales techniques are based upon). When you make this persuasion powerful and personal towards the needs of your client, you are no longer selling but more so a trusted approach.

Sales training Kingsport

For arguments sake, we will call this powerful persuasion, Sales (for this conversation only as what we teach is different and much more effective than anything else out there). If you are an attorney, accountant, doctor or other professional who has been schooled and trained in what you do and assuming you are the best at what you do, if you cannot close the client in front of you, they will not benefit from your expertise.

“If you can’t sell it, your competition will”

Sales training can be

  • One on One (in the field on sales calls or in your location)
  • Group
  • Sales Management training (most sales problems are Sales Management problems)
  • Virtual sales Management (where your sales crew is managed from afar, but effectively

Sales training Kingsport, Johnson City or Bristol Tennesee. In person with follow through phone calls (so you can keep your crew in the field making calls)


Sales training Kingsport

Rick starter his sales career at the young age of 4 when he began collecting travel brochures while on a family vacation, then to bring them back home to sell for a penny each to his friends. This brought in a whopping .14 cents and Rick was off to the races.

Rick Brewer has been selling, managing sales teams, or coaching others in sales for almost 30 years now. If you are looking for Sales training Kingsport, in Johnson City or Bristol Tennessee ( or anywhere in and around the Tri Cities) Schedule a meeting with Rick to see how to take you and your sales team to the next level.